Hammond Residential Group

HRG is tomorrow's kind of property management company committed to making your properties successful by rolling up our sleeves, doing what others can't or won't do, and getting the job done for our clients.

We are a company of initiative, freely accepts accountability at every level for the performance of the asset. We recruit and train top-notch leasing and management teams, and we underwrite a work ethic that instills a sense of motivation, pride, and accomplishment.

We are a company that encourages conversation, and listens to understand what ownership envisions for their assets and expects from their management company, and put it in action. We provide directed advice and attainable plans; employ a seasoned intuition to make good decisions when solutions are not readily evident. We focus intently on fundamental operational practices that maximize the market position and profitability of each asset.

The Hammond Residential Group enjoys an industry reputation of the highest caliber because we are a company who has consistently delivered on the promises we make to our clients, employees and business associations within the multi-faceted industry of multi-family.

To be successful tomorrow it takes more than it took to be successful yesterday.